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Select your donation type below to help Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land reach out to donkeys in desperate need across Israel and Palestine.

£10.00 will go towards - Hoof trimming
£15.00 will go towards - Feeding a Donkey for 1 month
£20.00 will go towards - Dental treatment by a qualified Dentition
£25.00 will go towards - Veterinary visits to check on all the donkeys

Minimum donation to be £3.00

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Gift Aid If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme at no extra cost to you. This means your donation of £10 could be worth an extra £2.50 to us. Please tick the box below:

I am a UK taxpayer and would like Safe Haven For Donkeys to treat all donations I have made over the past four years and all donations I make in the future (unless I notify) as Gift Aid donations.

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Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land

23 More House Farm Business Centre
Ditchling Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7RE

01444 470136
01444 470132

Registered Charity Number:

Email: [email protected]

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